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 Tank Cleaning Station applying the EFTCO guidelines and rules for cleaning process. The station issues the EFTCO Cleaning Document, popular as ECD.

The project was completed together with reputable West European suppliers of know-how, technology and technical equipment.


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Professional Tank Cleaning Station offering: 

• Automated Rotor Jet System, carrying out preset programs for successful cleaning after transportation of various products
• Manual Programming possible for improvement of results and meeting of specific requirements
 • 2 Cleaning Bays with 5 Rotor Jets on each
• Temperature of Operation - cold water (for cooling down); warm water (65°C); hot water (85-90°C); steam (150-190°C) 
• ATEX equipment 
• Steam - for disinfection, preheating and temperature controlled cargo heating
  • Chemical Disinfection 
• Tests - ATP measurement, pH test, Outlet temperature measurement, Conductivity measurement
• Hot Air Drying 
• Cleaning Document / ECD 
• Seals 

• Halal Procedure

• Kosher Procedure 

Dedicated to:
 vehicles (road tankers and tank-containers) with liquid/bulk food & foodstuffs grade, as well as carrying ingredients which are not in themselves foodstuffs but are used as raw materials in the food and pharmaceutical industry, as well as for sanitary and hygienic purposes 

For more information: tankcleaning[at]uven.eu

We are awaiting you:

1, Kap. Lyuben Kondakov Str. 

NPZ Iskar - yug
BG-1528 Sofia  

GPS coordinates:

N: 42.649119
 E: 23.420296 

Working hours:

Monday - Friday, 8:00 - 18:00
Outside this working hours and on Saturday - on request only!

Payment for services: 

You may pay for the services in cash or by debit/credit bank card. Fuel and fleet cards are not accepted for payment!

Amenities for the drivers:

Restroom, Bath, Coffee corner, Smoking area, Parking lots, Free Wi-Fi