General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

Instructions for Use
While using our web site, please observe the following instructions:
Information on this Web Site
The overall information, available on this web page, has been diligently examined. If you consider that you have grounds for objection, please duly notify us via electronic mail.
We will review your instructions by all means and in case of well-grounded objections, we will make sure that the irregularities are corrected.

Third Party Links and Web Sites
As far as our web site contains referrals to third party web sites via hyperlinks or draws your attention to these web sites, we are obliged to inform you that we bear no responsibility, concerning the information provided therein. The entire responsibility lies with the owners of these web sites.

Execution of Orders
Any orders, accepted by UVENTRANS get confirmed in writing and contact is always made with the Sender/with Party placing the Order upon necessity. If you have not obtained a response to your Order Placement or to your inquiry/writing within the time limit, specified by you or within one week, please make sure that they have been actually received, by calling tel: +359 (0)2 9708 550.

Copy Rights
Any content, such as graphic design, text, photographs and eventual audio-visual products, included in this web site is subject to protection and is our or third party property. Our or third party verbal or graphic trade marks, logo and names of products are protected, according to the provisions of the Law on Marks and Geographic Indications and the Patent Act. Digital or analogous reproduction, as well as any other use shall be authorized only under a written permission, except in the cases when the above is not explicitly prohibited under the legal regulation.

Use of Electronic Mail

When you send us uncoded e-mail, please be cautious in order to ensure that its content does not reach third parties, which can subsequently manipulate it. For security reasons, please do not send confidential or sensitive information via electronic mail.