Guiding Principles


The client is always in his own right to aim at a profitable transaction – the optimal balance with view of price, timeliness, security, careful handling of the cargo.
UVENTRANS DOES NOT MAKE SAVINGS IN A WRONG WAY! Our key priorities are technical maintenance of the fleet, thorough sanitation between the cargoes, responsible attitude of the drivers, competence and helpfulness of our staff. By having an ongoing dialogue with clients UVENTRANS strives to respond maximally to the individual needs, as well as to offer rational solutions and favourable commercial terms.


The term professionalism has a much wider scope than “to be proficient in your own occupation”. Every system of social relations, either business or interpersonal, lacking moral principles is doomed to failure. A loyal and correct attitude towards partners and clients, discretion and perseverance form the style of UVENTRANS.

It is a fact recognized worldwide, that if a person has set high goals, s/he should work at least 10-14 hours a day, six days a week. S/he may spend with relatives only 1/3 of the day or 8 hours, whereas one needs at least 6 out of these 8 hours for recuperating sleep.
Office contacts occupy considerable part of one’s lifetime – UVEN-Team appeals for greater respect for the personality and efforts of others.
Let’s be humane!


To achieve everything by all means is not always positive.
If we at UVENTRANS have managed to instill in you our positive thinking, let’s hope it has a lasting effect!