About Us


This is the track record of a family business commenced in 1994 with the establishment of Yulian Venev - Sole Trading Company, growing into establishment of Uventrans OOD in the year 2000 and purchase of the activity of Yulian Venev - Sole Trading Company by Uventrans OOD in 2009. The brand name "UVEN" and the logo type have been registered in 2004. Nowadays Uventrans OOD operates Europe wide and possesses protection rights on the brand name "UVEN" as an EU Trademark.

Throught its 30 years old existance the activities performed ranged from international road transport by means of various kinds of specialized cargo vehicles: road tankers, silo-elevators, frigo trucks, tilt trucks, platforms for sea containers; through whole sale in fuels and lubricants and their warehousing; to operating of an off-dock sea container terminal in Sofia.

In the last 13 years our mainfocus became transport of liquids by means of road tankers for alimentary products - forming 80% of our turn-over. Among our priorities is to operate our owned fleet, so we could guarantee the quality of service being able to exercise control during the whole process.

At the beginning of 2021, we opened a new tank cleaning station in Sofia dedicated to road tankers, tank containers and silos for liquid/bulk foodstuffs. The project was compleated together with leading West European suppliers of know-how, technology and technical equipment and provides high-quality services according to EFTCO rules.